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Finally, a cost-effective, on-site stover / straw treatment process that works on a large scale!

The revolutionary Cattle-Eat-It™ Converter Stover/Straw Treatment System will save you up to $20 to $30 per finished animal.

With corn prices soaring, the Cattle-Eat-It Converter, a revolutionary new machine from Performance Plus, makes it easy for cattlemen to replace a portion of expensive corn with calcium hydroxide-treated stover. For the first time ever, Cattle-Eat-It Converter effectively combines calcium oxide, water, and stover right on your property to create a nutritional equivalent of corn feed at a fraction of the cost, so your cattle stay healthy and strong along with your profits.

How it Works

With the rising cost of crops such as corn and alfalfa, cattlemen are looking for ways to maintain profitability in tougher market conditions. Performance Plus is dedicated to developing sustainable solutions that are financially viable for America’s cattlemen.

That’s why Performance Plus is proud to introduce the Cattle-Eat-It Converter. The Cattle-Eat-It Converter is the main component in the conversion process in which a pound of treated stover or straw can replace a half-pound of corn in cattle feed. This results in lower feed costs while maintaining animal quality and health.

Cattle-Eat-It Converter


Performance Plus developed the patent-pending Cattle-Eat-It Converter in response to the need for a safe, efficient mechanical process to treat stover for feed purposes. The Cattle-Eat-It Converter process first reduces the particle size of stover and breaks it down to increase the treatable surface area of the stover. Then, by evenly distributing calcium oxide and water into a batch of ground stover, Cattle-Eat-It evenly mixes water and calcium oxide to form calcium hydroxide, which breaks the bonds of the stover fiber and creates a digestible fiber for your cattle.

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Operating in both cold and warm weather, the Cattle-Eat-It converter is also portable so you can avoid wind interference and bring it where you need it. It’s not a batch process, so you can run it for 5 minutes or as long as you need to while producing your cattle feed.


Operating in both cold and warm weather, the Cattle-Eat-It Converter is also portable so you can avoid limit wind interference and bring it where you need it. It’s not a batch process, so you can run it for 5 minutes or as long as you need to while producing your cattle feed.

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With a bag of StoverCal-brand calcium oxide, a water source, and a firm foundation to stand on, the Cattle-Eat-It Converter is always ready to turn unused stover into incredible cost savings.

StoverCal Calcium Oxide


The use of stover for cattle feed has been limited due to the time-consuming, inefficient treatment processes typically used in the past. Now, with the help of the Cattle-Eat-It Converter, StoverCal calcium oxide can be used to treat mass quantities of stover on-site at feedlots, allowing cattlemen to replace a significant amount of the expensive grains in their cattle’s healthy diet.

Performance Plus is proud to partner with Mississippi Lime as a preferred distributor of StoverCal calcium oxide. When combined with the convenience and power of the Cattle-Eat-It Converter, calcium oxide-treated stover is the perfect economical alternative to exclusively feeding expensive grain to cattle.

StoverCal is a feed grade certified product that is qualified by university and commercial ruminant feed trials and is proven superior to barn floor or road grade material because of its chemical purity.

Learn more about how to Get Started with the Cattle-Eat-It Converter and StoverCal calcium oxide today!

Feed 20% stover and save up to $20 to $30 per finished animal!

Get Started

The sooner you start putting treated stover to use in your cattle feed, the sooner you can begin making up to $20 to $30 more in profits per finished animal. Not only is the process simple, but we'll include the Cattle-Eat-It Converter with a minimum StoverCal calcium oxide purchase agreement!

Our process is still very new so we are working directly with customers to help them find the customized solution that suits the needs of their feedlot specifically. For more information or to discuss a purchase agreement, please Contact us.

Maintain the health of your cattle while using less corn!



Tadd Thomas

Advantage Feedyard, LLC

“We have been feeding the product for about 12 months. The product does everything the research says it does. We are very excited to be a part of a process that takes feed residual and enhances it to an energy quality equivalent to corn. We feed 40 ton of this product everyday and have seen no negative effects. The process is simple but yet sophisticated enough that it can work in any size operation. And best of all, the equipment required is inexpensive so we do not have a lot of dollars tied up. In fact, most of the equipment required we already had in our operation.

Our customers and our company believe that this technology is a game changer. We believe that we will do this process regardless if corn is $8.00/bushel or $3.00/bushel. The Performance Plus staff is very helpful not only in the beginning stages but all the way through. They are industry leaders and their professionalism is top notch.”

Our system is not a batch process.
Use it for 5 minutes or as long as you need!

Learn More

When it comes to the science of cattle nutrition, we’ve done our homework. We sought information from organizations such as the University of Nebraska and Iowa State University regarding the efficacy of calcium oxide in treating stover, and the results tell the story better than we can. Learn more about calcium oxide in the resources we’ve provided below.

The Cattle-Eat-It Converter provides an eco-friendly use for stover!

Our Story

Since 1988, Performance Plus has made a name in the agricultural industry by providing customized liquid feeds to cattlemen everywhere, experiencing tremendous growth and success. With operations now in Idaho, Colorado, and Nebraska, Performance Plus continues to be a leading provider of cattle feed solutions.

Recently, following extensive research findings at the University of Nebraska surrounding calcium hydroxide-treated corn stover, Casey Macken of Performance Plus developed his patented technology that reduces the particle size of stover and effectively converts it into cattle feed in one efficient large-scale process. Thus, the Cattle-Eat-It Converter was born, and with it came immediate success in initial trial runs and testing. Now, the Performance Plus team is excited to share the Cattle-Eat-It Converter with cattlemen all over America to benefit both growers with excess stover as well as cattlemen who wish to reduce their feed costs.

The Cattle-Eat-It Converter reduces the particle size of stover for a more digestible feed

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At Performance Plus, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve the way America’s cattlemen feed their animals. To place your order or give us feedback, contact us today!

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